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Our position as market leader in the modular battery rack sector is not only based on continuous improvement processes. Close cooperation with our business partners, a global presence and a strong commitment to quality, service and reliability also contribute to our success. See for yourself what else we can offer you – our high quality products, our engineering expertise and our sector expertise.

The Passoni company has been in existence since 1909.

Paolo Passoni originally founded a company east of Milan in Brugherio, where the manufacturing of steel products was the primary industry. Today’s company name Passoni Paolo e figli S.r.l. was adopted in 1946. At that time the company began to produce iron frames for wooden cases, which were used for both truck starter batteries as well as traction batteries. Rubber coated steel cases were developed later on. When the use of plastic-coated trays emerged in the mid-1950s, plastic-coated steel racks were also introduced to the market. This extension of the product range led to a successful expansion of the company, as a result of which the subsidiary alpha industrie-bedarfs gmbh with head office in Worms (Germany) was founded in 1981. The products manufactured by Passoni were initially marketed primarily across Germany and Europe, but it did not take long for them to establish themselves on the global market. alpha industrie-bedarfs gmbh offers comprehensive, solution-oriented customer service and technical advice as well as technical construction planning. Additionally, the subsidiary also serves as a logistics centre.